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My philosophy
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My philosophy

Creative work is not an occupation,

it’s a state of mind

My conscious artistic path began in 2009. It was the time when I realized the beauty of color and felt the desire to use it to create my works inspired by reflections, experiences and feelings that splash out live energy onto the canvas.

It has become my passion and my need to understand color, live it, mix it, manage it, watch its personality, learn it and discover its new aspects.

Color fills me with awe and admiration. I love its combinations and intertwining, its character, submission and independence. Color can express the full range of emotions and experiences that overwhelm me as well as any other person.

The most interesting part for me during the creative process is to search for the way to use colors to express my perception of the person I paint, this being their essence, environment, lifestyle, hobbies, joys and sorrows. I often discover new sides of their personalities, even the most unexpected ones. I begin to feel the person’s essence. What can be more exciting?!

Each of my works is addressed to its future owner, even if I don’t know them in advance. After all, the painting and the person should choose each other. They should match each other, find each other in the crowd, in the infinite space of options.

At the moment of the choice you can read the person, their current state and dominating need. I’m so happy when my paintings find a ready response in souls of people and bring a bit of harmony to the relationship between people and to homes my paintings enter.

I feel blessed to have so many positive people around, so much joy and pleasure. But I have a taboo. I never paint when I feel bad. I only paint when I feel good and enjoy life. I don’t want to share any moments of sadness with others. Each person has enough of sadness in everyday life. I want to give and I give only beauty and goodness!

When I’m painting, I trust my internal feeling that guides me. It is important for me to feel the harmony of the painting and fall in love with it myself. Only then I realize that it is ready to go and take its own independent path.

My relatives and friends often ask me whether I feel sorry about having to part with my paintings and they also ask me to keep some of them. I believe that giving and loving – rather than holding – is a crucial thing in life. This applies to my paintings as well. They are meant to give positive emotions to good people. That’s what I create them for.


Название, 2013 Масло, холст
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